Welcome Message

Dear colleagues:

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am honored and pleased to invite you to The 5th Chinese Academic Congress on Adipose Medicine & Sino-US Society of Plastic Surgeons Summit.

The topics surrounding adipose medicine is fascinating and ever challenging. Except traditional liposuction, by different kinds of laser, high frequency, radial frequency and medicine is developed rapidly. The concept of lipo-filler is the latest development. It is the foundation of the modern approach to both reshaping and rejuvenating.

It is confident that through conference, you will learn approach how to get fat tissue with stem cell (SVF) and skills to achieve the harmonious, peaceful and pleasant youthful look. Live surgeries and general lectures from the world well known professors will be provided covering the entire field of adipose medicine.

This conference will be very beneficial in your specialty area, and can vastly improve your career! Shanghai has a long history and is one of the biggest international-city in the world. In Shanghai, you will surely be able to enjoy the unique culture and great food!

Join us in Shanghai!

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